• Robo Passata Cherry Tomato Passata

    Agromonte Cherry Tomato Passata

    Salsa Agromonte is made from cherry tomatoes, Sicilian delicacy, and is processed, only in the summer months, with natural processes using only quality ingredients. Its sweet taste, loved by children, and low acidity, make it a unique and inimitable product.

    Dairy Free
    Gluten Free
    GMO Free

    Product Information
    IngredientsCherry tomato (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil, carrot, onion, celery, sugar.
    Instructions for useStore at room temperature in a dry place, away from direct exposure to sources of light and heat. After opening keep refrigerated and consume within 7 days
    Allergen AdviceContains celery
    Suitable forVegetarians, vegan, dairy free, gluten free
    Produce ofItaly
    Sizes Available12 x 33cl
    Stock CodeAGR22

    Nutritional Information
    Average Values per 100g
    Fat 2.9g
    of which: Saturates0.4g
    of which: sugars7.0g
    Agromonte Artichoke & Sweet Pepper Pate

    Agromonte Bread & Pasta, Pesto & Passata

    Our Agromonte Bread and Pasta range embodies the spirit and crafts of true Sicilian tradition with the help of its brightly coloured Fiat 500 hand painted with traditional Sicilian folk themes.

    Agromonte are one of the world’s leaders in the production of tomato and semi-dry cherry tomatoes.

    The Bread and Pasta range embrace a wide range of flavours, textures and aromas and are a tasty addition to your favourite pizza recipes or toppings for your bruschetta’s. They make tasty dips accompanied by crackers and breadsticks or chunky chopped vegetables. Flavours range from asparagus and artichoke to pepper and olive, some laced with garlic, others with spices or parmesan cheese. Why not try as a rich and sumptuous addition to your sauces, pasta dishes or your favourite casseroles, tagines or stews. Use as a perfect variation to stuff chicken or cannelloni tubes.

    The Agromonte products are innovative and made with strict ethical and environmental values by skilled masters using state of the art technology to create this inspirational range of sauces, pesto and passata.

    Based in the south eastern Sicilian town of Chiaramonte Gulfi in the province of Ragusa, Sicily the tomatoes are personally tended throughout the seasons in specialist greenhouses to the highest professional standards. Choosing the highest quality raw materials ensures the Agromonte organic and conventional sauces and Passata arrive in your kitchen with the freshest of flavours and the tastiest of textures.

If you require any further information (IE Nutritional) please contact the sales office that will be pleased to help

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