• Sunita Lemon Juice

    Sunita Lemon Juice

    Our Sunita lime juice is made from limes grown in the warmer climes of south Mexico or Brazil, and produced in Italy. From a very pretty white scentless flower, the limes mature into beautiful plump flavoursome fruits with a unique tangy aroma. The fruits generally grow singularly, in pairs or larger clusters and changes colour as it ripens.

    Serving Suggestions

    Lime often takes a backseat to its cousin the lemon but it adds flavour to fish and chicken, as a marinade for any meat; add to authentic guacamole or add a splash to your favourite sauces or cocktails.

    Use our sqeezy bottle (200ml size) to drizzle lime juice on all your dishes.

    Gluten Free
    Dairy Free

    Product Information
    IngredientsLemon juice, preservative: potassium metabisulphite.
    Allergen AdvicePotassium metabisulphite.
    Suitable forVegetarians, vegans, coeliac, lactose intolerant.
    Produce ofItaly
    Sizes Available200ml, 5ltre

    Nutritional Information
    Average Values per 100g
    Fat 0.01g
    of which: Saturates0.0g
    of which: sugars1.7g
    RI = Reference Intake
    Sunita Fine Foods Range of Organic Fruit Juices

    Sunita Organic Fruit Juices

    Sunita refreshing and tantalizing fruit juices are produced from high quality juices of traditional family farmed Sicilian oranges and lemons groves sourced in the sunny and picturesque Capo de Orlando region of Messina Province in Sicily Italy. Sicily is the region with the biggest organic fruit production in Europe; our fruits are handpicked in the extensive citrus fruit fields the region is famous for.

    Sicilian lemons and oranges are left to ripen on the trees in the glorious warm climate of the Sicilian north eastern coastline thus each fruit is bursting with juice, flavour and vitamins. The juicy lemons and oranges are handpicked and pressed within twenty four hours of picking in order to maintain their flavour and nutrients.

    Sunita Lime Juice is made from aromatic and juicy limes from Mexico or Brazil. Our limes are handpicked and selected to guarantee freshness, quality, nutrients and flavour.

    Sunita Fine Foods

    Sunita Fine Foods

    In 1977 George Skoulikas began importing olives and olive oil from Greece under the Sunita and Hellenic Sun brands. Since then, we have continued to develop a specialist range of deliciously natural and organic Mediterranean foods.

    We pride ourselves on authenticity, quality and great taste.

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